To revolutionize the materials and methods by which complex parts are manufactured and coated – utilizing scalable, repeatable, and robust processes that are customer and quality driven. We are looking to embolden, empower, and augment human motion, reach, and capability.


Amorphology is a NASA spinoff with exceptional lineage and intellectual property developed as part of the space program. Our roots are based on exclusively licensed IP through Caltech which was developed by our founder for NASA’s applications in extreme environments where mission critical components cannot be serviced.

Heavily focused around bulk metallic glass alloys, coatings, and additive projects we continuously file additional patents. In addition, our projects include steel and titanium for specialty applications. Our portfolio allows for material properties that were never thought possible.

Amorphology - NASA Born
Amorphology - Amorphous Metals


Utilizing novel metal alloys, such as Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMG’s) — also known as amorphous metals — Amorphology produces gears and other metallic parts that have advanced features over steel or titanium. These include achieving near theoretical yield strengths, up to a 2% elastic limit, high hardness and corrosion resistance, a low coefficient of friction, and gears/gearboxes that can operate without lubricants for specific applications.

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