Amorphology, Inc. and our work with bulk metallic glass was recently featured in an SAE Media Group article on The Distributed Extreme Environment Drive System (DEEDS) for lunar and deep space exploration. The article shares insights on, "What Is It? What Does it Do? How Does It Work."
Amorphology has partnered with Additive Technologies (AddiTec), a founding partner of Meltio which is an additive manufacturing company pioneering the development of affordable metal 3D printing systems.
This season, more than 60 teams travel to Las Vegas for a chance to take home the competition's top prize: the Giant Nut.
Bulk metallic glass could slash prices of collaborative robots and lead to advanced 3D printed metals. Where are the robot assistants we were promised?
Global technology leaders Amorphology and Starrag Bumotec are teaming up to establish the only U.S. West Coast laboratory where customers of both companies can observe real-time precision engineering and machining of complex gears using amorphous metals